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Get a Grip

on December 6th, 2012 by Rebeccca
I’ve just moved from my reclining chair to the couch. It takes a little effort. Put the cast back on (fortunately I can take the immobilising brace off when I am sitting around), gather all the things I will want at the new location (water, suduko puzzle, pencil, phone, playbook), place all these things on the walker, lean my crutches against the walker so I can reach them when I stand up, stand up, walk a few steps, transfer items from walker to coffee table, side step around coffee table, position body so that when I sit the braced leg won’t crash against the coffee table.

I sit and place my leg on the couch. Elbows on my knees.  Head in my hands. Do I really have to do this for another 22 days? I’m tired of this. I feel like crying. Sobbing even. Before I allow myself the luxury of a meltdown, my mind’s eye lifts up and peers down at the pitiful creature that I am becoming. Surely you can do better than this. Now is the perfect time to transform yourself and your life. Look at where you’ve come from and where you want to go. Enrich your life and nurture yourself.

“Right. You know how much energy that takes? Focus and concentration? I’m not sure I have it in me right now.”

“So you are going to mope around and waste this opportunity you have?”


The conversation with myself dead-ended there. Those are difficult questions to answer. I’ll figure it out, just as soon as I have a nap.
In case you have never tried this great way to solve problems, you should try it. Everything becomes clearer after drifting off and allowing the subconscious time to rearrange the mess in your brain. When you awaken, the crisis that you thought you were having has become unimportant and you can get on with important tasks, like solving the suduko puzzle. Which I didn’t actually solve, as I remembered, after staring at the numbers for five minutes, why I don’t really like suduko puzzles. Time to move back to my reclining chair. . .
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