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The Truth

on November 9th, 2009 by Rebeccca

I love Twitter. The creative people who use it to tempt us away from our very important work to read insights and interpretations from their view of the world. I read some of this stuff and think – WOW – how beautifully written. How truthful. Some of it stabs deep into my heart. Some of it pricks at my anger bubble. Some of it inspires.
It helps to widen my perspective. This is what I have long wanted – I wrote it in my intentions in the early 90s. I want perspective – as if somehow perspective would show me THE TRUTH. For THE TRUTH is what I crave. What I continually search for. I want to know. For sure. But as my perspective widens, the things that I know to be true morph into something else and I am left clinging to fuzz, crying for what I once knew as TRUTH. Betrayed again by my belief that somewhere there is TRUTH.
So I will stop now and feel the expansiveness that comes with having unmasked TRUTH. Revealed it for what it really is – the great divider. The instigator of arguments, fights, wars. So I will have none of it. It’s not true. None of it. But then I take it and it becomes my new truth. You don’t believe it? Here, let me show you the world through my glasses. See – there it is – THE TRUTH. What! You can’t see it. OMG, I fell for it again. The great beguiler has deceived me again.

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