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A free landline? Looking at how I communicate.

on November 19th, 2011 by Rebeccca

When Shaw called and offered to boost my internet speed and throw in classic cable and a land line for less than what I pay right now, I accepted their offer. Not that I will actually watch much tv or even use the land line. Land line? Who would I call? How would I use it?

That got me thinking about how I communicate. It’s been over 4 years since I have had a land line. What good is a phone that is stuck in one place? Doesn’t have live video. Doesn’t sync with my contact list or calendar. Doesn’t send text messages. Doesn’t take photos. Or check my Twitter stream. Notify me of Facebook messages?

It was a shock to me to realize that I couldn’t think of any instance where I would actually use a land line.

If I want to talk to my family, I use Skype. With video. I want to see my parents when I talk with them. For family and friends without Skype, I pay about $2.00 per month so I can call them through Skype to their land line.

When my husband and I are apart, we connect using text messages. “I’m leaving work and am stopping to pick up salmon for dinner. Be home about 4:30.” Easy and unobtrusive.

I like taking photos and tweeting them or uploading them to Facebook. I like sharing [what I think are] interesting things in the environment around me. Immediately.

My phone reminds me of appointments and events. Shows me which local stations have the cheapest gas. Finds the location of nearby shoe stores. And so much more.

Land line? Okay. If it’s free. Maybe I’ll actually go pick up a used phone that I can plug in to the “Tel 1″ port on the modem. Maybe. Just for the novelty of it. But I can’t imagine how I will use it. Call me if you have an idea. 778-440-2813. But wait a few days – I’ll have to get the telephone first.

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One Response to “A free landline? Looking at how I communicate.”

  1. Daryl
    November 19th, 2011 at 1:44 pm

    We still use the land line, for Mom, Father-in-law and business, most of the calls are telephone scams and you can’t filter them out like on your cell phone. As a result we rarely pick up the phone but occasionally check the call display, should I recognize the number I will pick up.

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